Wedding Guide

Set Your Mood

Decide on what colours you want your bridal bouquet to be. All other items (including venue decors) would follow. You can have different palette for bridal package and venue decors too!

Say Hello

Reach out to us for a final quotation based on your mood board/colours and what items you require. Certain flowers/colours require additional top-up, otherwise it would be the price listed in the package.


We collect 50% of your total value as deposit. Once deposit is paid, we lock in our availability for you!
Wedding Packages

Ready to get a quotation?

DM us on our IG (@wild.matters) or simply send us an email enquiry. We will respond within 3 working days.
Wedding FAQs
Why is your pricing 'from $xxx'
Certain flowers (e.g. cappuccino roses, DA roses) and certain theme (e.g. blush, vintage, bohemian) require the use of premium, more expensive flowers. Hence, a top-up is required. If you are going for standard colours like red, pinks, yellows etc, it will be the base price listed in the package. 

Speak to us if you are unsure your theme requires standard or premium flowers! 
How do I confirm your service?
Once you have decided on your theme and the number of items you need from us, we will send you a form to collect your contact details. After the form is submitted, we will issue an invoice to your email within 3 working days. 

We will temporarily lock in our availability for 7 working days from the invoice date. If deposit is not paid within 7 working days, your slot will be automatically released for other couples.
Do you provide venue decors?
Yes we do! We have arch, pedestals, aisle decors, and many more! 

Venue decors are very personalised and customisable based on your requirements, budget, and the venue. Speak to us so that we can understand more and quote accordingly.
When should I receive my bridal bouquet?
We highly recommend receiving them 1 day before during our second time slot (3-7pm, first time slot is 10am-2pm). Rest assured that your flowers will stay fresh and still look as good on the actual day as long as you follow our guide!
When and where is the car installation?
Car installation is done 1 day prior to your wedding date before 5.30pm at our location (different time slots to choose, subject to availability). The exact location will be sent to you once you have confirmed our service. 
Will the flowers on my car decor last?
Yes, yes and more yes! As you already know, we only use fresh flowers for wedding car decors. The flowers come in a wet sponge that we use to adhere and tie to your bonnet. This will ensure that you flowers will be able to last through your wedding.