Terms and Conditions

Common delivery issues

We will pass the bouquet to whoever is available to accept on behalf of the recipient. If no one is available to accept it, our third party courier will leave it at the doorstep. Should we leave the bouquet at the doorstep, a photo will be taken and sent to you as verification that we have delivered the item. Do note that Wild Matters will not be held liable for the following conditions:

  1. Incorrect/insufficient address provided upon checking out

  2. No such person upon delivery

  3. Recipient is not in at the time & place of delivery

  4. Invalid contact number given

  5. Recipient did not answer the phone

  6. Recipient requested delivery courier to wait more than 10 minutes

  7. Recipient did not receive item because the flowers was given to another person (e.g. receptionist) or placed at doorstep due to any of the above

  8. Loss/damaged of flowers due to any of the above

Buyer will be charged $15 for redelivery attempt. 


Submission of incorrect shipping information

Please write in to us at over here or DM us on Instagram @wild.matters asap (DM preferred). We will try our best to amend the information. However, if delivery arrangement has been made with our third-party delivery vendor, we will charge additional $15 to make amendments. 

Do note that if the courier has already collected the item from us, we will not be able to make any more changes.


Order cancellation 

Kindly note that no refunds will be accepted once payment has been made.



50% of total value is required as deposit for all wedding orders except for standard bridal bouquet designs. Buyers will have to pay the deposit upon order confirmation, within 7 working days based on invoice date. The balance will be paid at least 1 day prior to delivery.

Full payment is sometimes required for last-minute orders, and we will inform buyers beforehand if they need to make full payment. Do note that all payment is non-refundable.


Flower quality

The quality of fresh and preserved flowers will vary slightly since we purchase them from multiple suppliers, and they are often affected by various conditions such as transportation, weather, and many more. As florist, we are unable to control the bloom size, colour intensity, texture, etc. 

  • Fresh flowers - the same flower grown by different farmers will be different
  • Preserved flowers - it is common for them to look veiny due to the preservation process

Rest assured that our team inspects every bouquet that we send out to ensure they are the best we can provide.


Flower availability

Please be aware that the availability of fresh flowers is contingent upon market dynamics and the inherent variability in their quality.

Regrettably, we are unable to guarantee the availability of specific flowers due to factors beyond our control. Our commitment to quality remains unwavering, and we assure you that every effort will be made to create a stunning arrangement even if substitutions are necessary. Rest assured that the overall style and design will remain the same. 


Changes to fillers, foliages, and other accessories

Wild Matters reserves the rights to change the fillers and foliages (not main flowers) at our own discretion without prior notice. But rest assured that we will maintain the overall design and colour scheme as much as possible. Other accessories such as ribbons, gift card designs, carrier design etc can be changed by Wild Matters without prior notice.


Colour difference

All photos are edited, but we will try our best to maintain the original colours of the flowers so that the product is true the photo. However, it is common for fresh and preserved flowers to look slightly different (varies in shade, undertones, colour intensity) compared to photos. The same image/product viewed on different devices will be different as well.

  • Fresh flowers - it is a natural phenomenon for the plant itself to vary in shades.

  • Preserved flowers - dyes are used during the preservation process and it will vary based on different batches as well as how the dyes react with the flowers during the preservation process.


Privacy policy

Upon checkout, there is a check-box for buyers to opt-out of our mailing list. If you have subscribe to our newsletter and would like to unsubscribe, there is a button to unsubscribe in every newsletter that we send.