Q1. I have an urgent order, can I still make an order?

Yes! We are more than happy to fulfil your order, however, it will depend on our availability. Kindly note that urgent requests for same-day delivery will require a top-up of $20.

There are instances where we charge 'Urgent Order' fee of $20 depending on the type of arrangements you require - this will be assessed on a case-to-case basis. Please enquire on our availability either via email at team@wildmatterssg.com or DM us on Instagram @wild.matters.

Q2. Can you preserve my fresh flower bouquet?

Unfortunately normal florists like us do not have the skills and technology to preserve fresh flowers. What we suggest is you can flip them upside down to dry them fully, and we can use some dried flowers (mixed with preserved) in a glass dome as memory keepsake.

Q3. Do you provide delivery? 

Yes! All orders come with complimentary delivery. 

Q4. What are your delivery options? 

Monday to Saturday: 10am - 2pm, 3 - 7pm

We are closed on Sundays. 

Q5. What if recipient is not at the stated delivery address?

We will pass the bouquet to whoever is available to accept on behalf of the recipient. If no one is available to accept it, our third party courier will leave it at the doorstep. Please read more about this in our delivery policy page. 

Q6. Can I refund the flowers?

As flowers are considered perishable goods, we will not accept any refund request once payment has been made.

Q7. Can I change my order after payment? 

Unfortunately, we are unable to change your request after payment has been made. Hence, please check carefully before checking out the cart. 

Q8. Why is my order different from the pictures?

Due to the flowers’ peculiarities in shades & sizes, even with the same type of flowers, we will not be able to provide a 100% replica of the pictures. Colour difference is common for both fresh and preserved flowers due to multiple factors (e.g. viewed on different devices, brightness, true tone etc).

Only place an order with us if you are comfortable with our style. Do note that the fillers, foliages (not main flowers), and other accessories (e.g. ribbons, gift card designs) can be changed by us without prior notice.

Q9. How long does the flower last before it starts wilting?

Every batch of flowers is different and its’ lifespan will change depending on how you take care of it. 

Fresh Flower Bouquet - Average 2 days in original condition

Preserved and Dried Flower Bouquet - Few months to 1 year depending on care condition

Bridal Bouquet - Average 3 days when placed in water

Q10. How to take care of preserved flowers?

Preserved flowers require minimal care but do make sure you follow these 3 care tips.

  1. Keep them away from direct sunlight.

  2. Do not water them.

  3. Keep them in a dry/low humidity area.

If there is dust on the flowers/foliage, gently wipe them with a dry tissue paper. Typically preserved flowers last for months to 1 year. They can last even longer with proper care and condition, which is why preserved flowers are also known as eternal flowers. However, do note that it is normal for them to soften and fade overtime.

Q11. Do you offer customisation service? 

Yes we do. All of our bouquets and vases are customisable with no additional customisation costs (for preserved flowers only). Simply email or DM us on our Instagram @wild.matters if you would like to customise an item.