Tying the Knot in Grace

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The Beauty of Church Weddings

The beauty of church weddings lies in their timeless blend of sacred tradition and profound love. At True Way Presbyterian Church, our couples exchange vows in the hallowed aisles and the soft glow of stained glass. This sacred atmosphere adds a touch of divine grace to the beginning of their shared life journey.

Elevate The Space

Fresh flowers have the power to transform a church wedding into a romantic and unforgettable affair. Their delicate fragrance and vibrant colours infuse life into the sacred space, creating an enchanting ambiance that lingers in the hearts of all who attend. As they line the aisles and adorn the altar, fresh blooms symbolize the blooming love between the couple, adding a touch of nature's beauty to this cherished moment.


The visual and olfactory beauty of these flowers enhances the atmosphere, making the entire ceremony feel like a fairy tale, etching it forever in the memories of the couple and their guests.

Our Flower Selection

Our bride specifically requested for pastel yellow, pastel pink, and white, in a classy Korean-style bridal bouquet. With the soft elegance of pink, the timeless beauty of white, and the vibrant cheerfulness of yellow, these floral compositions are a perfect reflection of your journey together.

Driving in Floral Bliss

Flower car decor is more than just aesthetics; it's a statement of celebration and the start of a new journey. It adds natural beauty and elegance to any event, symbolizing the occasion's significance and leaving a lasting impression. As you drive surrounded by fresh flowers, you make an unforgettable entrance that mirrors the essence of the moment.


Photographer: @bridelopeproductions

Flowers: @wild.matters 

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