Crafting a Stylish Wedding at Empress ACM

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Planning a wedding is a momentous occasion, and choosing the perfect venue is a crucial step. While traditional ballrooms are popular choices, consider the unique charm and elegance of hosting your wedding at a Chinese restaurant. This option offers a blend of cultural richness, exquisite cuisine, and a truly memorable experience for you and your guests.

    Creating a Stylish Wedding Experience

    To make your Chinese restaurant wedding truly elegant and stylish, consider these tips:

    • Choose a Restaurant with a Refined Ambiance: Opt for a restaurant known for its sophisticated decor, spacious layout, and attentive service. Look for venues with high ceilings, elegant lighting, and beautiful table settings.
    • Embrace Traditional Chinese Elements: Incorporate elements like red lanterns, calligraphy scrolls, and floral arrangements with traditional Chinese symbolism. These accents will enhance the cultural richness of your wedding.
    • Personalise Your Decorations: Add your own unique touches to create a personalized ambiance. Consider using custom table linens, floral arrangements in your wedding colors, and personalized place cards.

    Our Flower Selection

    For our bride who adores a more Pinterest-y wedding vibes, we curated a cascading bridal bouquet by selecting lush, trailing elements such as orchids and eucalyptus populus to establish the cascade’s flowing shape.

    Add structure and focal points with classic flowers like roses and carnations to ensure they complement the trailing elements. Ending the bouquet with unique anthurium for that extra pop, and soften the overall look with some textured fillers. 

    With careful arrangement and attention to detail, this cascading beauty was a perfect blend of boldness and style.

    Personalised Touches

    Add more character to your wedding by having personalised items so that your guests feel more connected and welcomed to your romantic ocassion.


    Photos: @forestproductions

    HMUA: @victoriahan_makeup

    Gown: @digiobridal

    Flowers: @wild.matters

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