Classy Vintage Matrimony

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Classy Vintage Matrimony

It's not common to pursue a vintage theme wedding, but it's a style that combines sophistication, nostalgia, and romance in one unforgettable celebration.

So, what exactly does a classy vintage wedding entail? Let's explore the key elements that make this theme so enchanting.

Flower Selection

When selecting fresh flowers for a vintage-themed wedding, there are a few key factors to consider. First, opt for delicate blooms that evoke a sense of romantic nostalgia. Roses, peonies, and sweet peas are all excellent choices. Next, consider a warm palette like blush and ivory. 

For our bride, we specifically used Vintage Pink roses that have reddish-brown edges to emulate the vintage vibe. Pairing it with blush and red flowers that our bride wants to incorporate for that slight pop of colours.

Timeless Attire

For the bride, a vintage-inspired lace gown or a sleek satin dress with delicate beadwork will create a truly timeless look. Grooms can rock a dapper suit with suspenders or a classic tuxedo. 

A Piece for Everyone

Bridesmaids are the sisters from another family, and offering them a bridesmaid posy is the best option for a grand march in.

Not only that, they are the perfect prop for a memorable photoshoot!



Photographer: @tlgraphy

Flowers: @wild.matters 

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