Bold Blooms, Beautiful Contrast

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Bold Blooms, Beautiful Contrast

When it comes to creating stunning visual displays in wedding bouquets, one strategy that never fails to impress is the use of bold blooms and/or contrasting colour theory. By combining contrasting colours, you can create an eye-catching and captivating arrangement that will make all heads turn.

The Power of Contrasting Colours

Contrasting colours are an essential element in creating a visually appealing arrangement. By pairing colours that are located opposite each other on the colour wheel, it helps us to achieve a vibrant and dynamic effect.

For example, yellow and purple, red and green, and blue and orange are all complementary colour combinations that work well together.

In this case, it is a yellow and purple palette in soft and gentle shades for our couple to keep it elegant and romantic!

Our Flower Selection

Since we have to work with pastel colours, we paid extra attention to pick the right type of flowers to ensure the end product doesn't look too dull.

Our bride preferred one of our past works which used yellow oncidiums, so that's a must for her bouquet. Other than that, we incorporate several types of garden roses that have big bloom sizes to soften the lines and make it extra romantic.

As for the car decor, we replaced a portion of garden roses to lavender carnations simply because they are more long lasting and perfect for our sunny weather!

One Bouquet, Two Styles

By selecting colours that complement both outfits, the bouquet can tie the entire ensemble together. We love how this bouquet has different vibes when our bride changes her outfit from red to white!

It's essential to have a bridal bouquet that suits both outfits so that the bouquet becomes a seamless, stylish element that beautifully complements both ensembles.


Photographer: @peppermintstudios65

Florist: @wild.matters

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